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Colouring Brush - Light Brown

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Colouring Brush - Light Brown

  • £3000

The elegant solution for everyone dedicated to their colourist but still searching for a reliable, natural-looking touch up tool to cover emerging greys and roots in between their appointments.  Also your go-to emergency essential for last minute parties, business travel or when your colourist is too booked, too quickly.

Packaged conveniently into a click-pump applicator tube with a built-in brush, the COLOURING BRUSH is easy to apply and leaves hair feeling and looking youthful, shinier and naturally free of greys and roots.  Washes out with every shampoo.

Our award-winning best seller is the ideal emergency or travel solution to vanish your greys without the typical hassles of a temporary grey / root touch up products:

  • NO powdery residue
  • NO trace of product once dry
  • NO transferring and rubbing off onto hands or even pillow case
  • NO fragrances, parabens, peroxide or bleaching agents, drying powders or other irritants 
  • NO dripping due to a more water-resistant formulation

Thanks to the unique gel formula featuring 22 hair nurturing botanical ingredients, hair will become more hydrated, healthier and more youthfully luminescent even when you are not using the product. 

Choose LIGHT BROWN if your hair is a medium to lighter brown.  If your hair colour is a darker blonde, please choose the BLONDE shade from our collection.  The Blonde colour range spans from a darker to medium blonde.  Note that this product does not have any bleaching agents so it will NOT lighten darker hair colours.  

Our video on how to use the product as well as helpful application tips is on our e-store landing page.  Please feel free to contact us!

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